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Avantree PowerHouse Plus

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bemærk: ny plus udgave med mere power

Varenummer: K-AVANT-300043

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Beskrivelse af varen

Desktop USB Charging Station                                - PowerHouse Plus                

8A/40W high power,  store and fast charge 4 devices simultaneously.

Avantree PowerHouse  Plus, a desktop USB charging station, is a perfect solution for charging multiple devices at home or in the office. It provides 8A/40W output and 4 USB charging sockets that allow you to store and quickly charge 4 devices simultaneously. Its Velcro system helps to manage and hide charging cables, keeping your tabletop tidy. Each smart port which has a built-in smart-output control IC will automatically recognize how many amps are needed to charge each mobile device. Also, it has a wider compatibility compared to other chargers on the market. All in all, if you need a charger for the whole family, we believe that the Avantree PowerHouse Plus is the best option for you.






                                            * Fast Charging Technology: Built in Smart IC to provide the fastest possible charge up to 8 amps or 2.4 amps per port. * Ultra Powerful: Five ports pump out 40 watts of power, enabling simultaneous multi-device charging. * Smart compatibility, auto adapter to all 5V mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab, ALL iOS & Android devices. * The velcro system manages cables and keeps them hidden- for a tidy desk or table top! * Compact size and space-saving design.


                                            * Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2 A max. * Output: 5V, total 8A / 40W (Share 4.5A when all the ports in use. * Amount of USB socket: 4 Smart port, each port has built in smart identification for fast and smart charging * Product size: 15.4*11.4*8.5cm. * Product net weight: around 320g. * Product packing weight: around 620g. * Certification: CE, FCC and RoHs.




What's in the box

                                            * Avantree PowerHouse Plus * 1 pc AC power cable * 2 pcs micro USB sync & charging cable * 2 pcs Velcro straps * User manual


Packing Info

                                            * Pack: (W)126*(H)201*(D)91mm * CNT: (55.5/27/22)cm | 7.8kg | 12pcs