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DON-ONE - Salerno D100

02 03
Don One

Varenummer: MUS-DO-SALERNO

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More than 16 million different light effects.


We present the gaming mouse that makes Las Vegas look like it’s from the Dark Ages. With 16 million different RGB light effects you can create your own unique gaming mouse. Is blue your thing? Go crazy with everything from baby blue to the deep seas. If you prefer to go pink while popping headshots and making your opponents rage quit, this mouse supports you from start to end.

The gaming mouse has been named after Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, those who know the person know he was colorful in his own way. What we are dealing with here is a mouse that reacts as quickly as the trigger finger of the Italian-American mafia boss. The technology, the engine inside the mouse, makes your accuracy extra sharp which helps you when you need to make quick decisions on the fly. There’s no room for delays with this mouse! Additionally an ergonomic design that fits your palm perfectly and gives your hand extra comfort for gaming sessions, so you do not need to wake up the next day with a cramp in your hand.




126 x 66,5 x 40,5 mm




AVAGO 3050


500 to 4000 DPI

Cable Length

1,7 m


Linux, MAC, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1