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HD Audio - Optical to 5.1 analog


egnet til analoge 5.1 højttaler systemer for at kunne køre med digitale lydkilder

Varenummer: SND-OPT-ANA

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Beskrivelse af varen

egnet til analoge 5.1 højttaler systemer for at kunne køre med digitale lydkilder

Specification and Features:

  • The best audio experience possible Do you have an analog surround sound system that you would like to connect a digital audio source to?This digital to analog audio converter is the perfect way to do so. Featuring three digital inputs and an analog port, this converter allows you to decode a digital audio stream to either stereo or 5.1 surround for the best listening experience.
  • High-quality decoding of many digital formats Compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS audio streams, this converter handles common digital formats with ease. Splitting and converting the channels to separate analog outputs, this converter produces a clear field of sound without lag or distortion.
  • Select between multiple input audio sources While converting one digital input into analog stereo is useful, this converter features four inputs. Two optical S/PDIF and one digital coaxial input. All support digital surround, so that you can connect multiple devices for maximum convenience. An analog 3.5mm audio port also allows for an additional connection of a non-surround device. You can switch between input sources and output formats with ease with accessible buttons on the converter.
  • Four inputs – 2x digital optical, 1x digital coaxial, and 1 analog stereo 3.5mm
  • Three outputs – Center/Subwoofer, Front, and Rear Channels
  • Compatible with common Dolby Digital and DTS audio formats
  • Select between stereo and 5.1 surround audio output
  • Clear, high-quality audio conversion
  • Dimensions: 105 x 75 x 25mm
  • Net Weight :146g(not includ the power adapter)
  • DC/5V------------- US/EU/UK/AU Plug Power input
  • Input------------------- SOURCE short, switch 
  • Input channels (SPDIF, COX, AUX,While D1/D2 /D3 corresponding LED lights)
  • 2.1/5.1------------- Switch 2.1 or 5.1 analog audio
  • 1 --------------- SPDIF1 input interface
  • 2 --------------- SPDIF2 input interface
  • Coaxial ----------------- Coaxial input
  • AUX ------------------ Analog stereo input
  • Optical fiber cable or coaxial connection PS3/XBOX360 / HD players
  • Power --------------- Power indicator, power post-Always
  • D1 -------------------- When you press the S key, switch to the OPT1, D1 lights
  • D2 -------------------- When you press the S key, switch to the OPT2, D2 lights
  • D3 -------------------- When you press the S key, Switch to the COX, D3 lights
  • (When switch to only POWER light is on, the input is the AUX(stereo) channel)
  • CEN/SW ----------------- Connect Amplifier CEN/SW interface
  • FL/FR--------------Connect Amplifier FL/FR interface                               
  • SL/SR-------------- Connect Amplifier SL/SR interface


 Package and Include


  • 1 x Digital to analog 5.1 audio converter
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x US or EU or AU or UK power adapter