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Norton Ghost 9.0



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Key Features NEW! “Hot imaging” lets you create backup images without restarting Windows®. * NEW! Incremental backup updates save time and disk space.* NEW! Scheduled backups automatically keep your backup image up to date.* Backs up everything on a hard drive or partition. Works with a wide range of hard drives and removable media, including CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW drives, USB and FireWire® (IEEE 1394) devices, and Iomega® Zip® and Jaz® drives. Restores data from images created with PowerQuest™ Drive Image™ 7.0 and previous versions of Norton Ghost.* Symantec Recovery Disk lets you restore data from a backup image even when the computer can’t start up into Windows. LiveUpdate™ keeps Norton Ghost updated automatically over the Internet. Norton Ghost 2003 is included to back up and restore data to: Windows 9x, Me, NT; Linux®; and DOS systems. *This feature is not available with Norton Ghost 2003. System Requirements Norton Ghost 9.0 Windows® XP Home, XP Pro, 2000 Pro SP2 or later Pentium 233 MHz or higher processor 256 MB of RAM 85 MB of available hard disk space Microsoft .NET Framework Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0 or later DVD or CD drive Norton Ghost 2003 Windows XP Home, XP Pro, 2000 Pro, NT WS with SP6 or later, Me, 98 486 MHz or higher processor 16 MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended) 50 MB of available hard disk space Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later DVD or CD drive File systems supported for backup and restore tasks: All FAT/32 ALL NTFS Linux EXT2/3