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NZXT Headset Standard, STND, WHITE

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Varenummer: SND-HS-NZXT-STD-W

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Beskrivelse af varen


The premium steel frame of the NZXT STND provides sleek storage for any high-end headset and makes a perfect partner for your NZXT-based battlestation. When paired with the NZXT MXER, the auto-sensing STND elegantly and automatically switches between your headset and speakers.


                        The high quality, powder-coated, all-steel construction of STND provides a stable storage solution for your headset. The rigid and durable design will ensure long-lasting use for many gaming sessions.                    


                        Purpose-built for a clean aesthetic, the NZXT STND comes in both black and white to match your chosen aesthetic. The flat-top surface accommodates any brand of headset or headphone, and provides the finishing touch to your battlestation.                    





When used in conjunction with the NZXT MXER, the STND intelligently senses when a connected headset is stored or removed from the top storage cradle. By connecting the STND to the MXER, the pair will automatically and elegantly switch the audio signal output to a connected headset when in use, or to your speakers when the headset is returned to storage.

        If you are listening to your headset and want to hear your audio through your speakers instead, simply remove your headset and rest it on the top of the STND; your headset volume will fade out, and your speakers will turn on with a soft start.