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NZXT HUE 2 RGB Lightning Kit

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Varenummer: KAB-NZXT-HUE

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Beskrivelse af varen

HUE 2 RGB Lighting Kit


Advanced PC Lighting System with 4 Lighting Channel

  • With four separate channels, individually addressable RGB LEDs, and a variety of compatible accessories, the HUE 2 RGB lighting kit takes PC lighting to the next level. The HUE 2 is powered by CAM, so it’s easy to change modes, sync lighting effects, and express your creativity with the perfect lighting for your build.

  • Instantaneous response time and lighting synchronization across accessories

  • Numerous presets, smart, audio, gaming and custom modes

  • 4 independent channels supporting up to 40 LEDs or 6 accessories per channel

  • Mix and match accessories in each channel based on your needs

  • Easy set-up and control with CAM’s intuitive interface

  • HUE 2 RGB lighting Kit is compatible with HUE+ LED strips and Aer RGB fans but cannot be mixed with HUE 2 accessories in the same channel. For HUE 2 accessories, each channel supports up to 40 LEDs and up to 6 accessories.Compatible with HUE+ RGB accessories

Dimensions 76 x 100 x 15mm
Form Factor 2.5" Drive bay
Mounting Magnet and screws (included)
Control Method CAM Software
Input Channel Voltage 12V DC, 2.6A
Output Channel Voltage 5V DC
Output Channels 4
Output LED Quantity Up to four LED strips - 10 LEDs per strip
Up to five Aer RGB fans
Up to six HUE 2 accessories
LED Strip Length 300mm x4
LED Strip Width 10mm
Included Cables 600mm Micro-USB cable x1
300mm Molex power cable x1
500mm Connection cable x4
500mm Extension cable x1
300mm Extension cable x1
100mm Extension cable x2
Included Accessories Screws x4
LED Strips 300mm x4
Warranty 2 years